Behavioral Customer Research To Improve Your Client’s Conversion Rates.

Partner with Martin Creative as your marketing company’s customer research department for your eCommerce clients who process more than $10M in revenue. Our proven process uncovers new ways to grow your client’s business faster.

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Your client doesn’t need more traffic, they need more sales.

Your clients rely on your expertise to grow their businesses, so you need every tool at your disposal to deliver for them. Let our team help align your clients’ messaging with customer intent using our behavioral, competitor, and Google Analytics research methods to uncover new opportunities.

For your company:
  • Begin your client relationship confidently with a data-driven plan that provides qualitative and quantitative insight.
  • Hear your client’s needs in motivating, interactive meetings throughout the engagement process.
  • Learn the intricacies and demands of your client’s business to support them more effectively.
For your clients:
  • Attract better leads and increase customer engagement with profitable conversion rate optimization techniques.
  • Gain clarity around all outbound messaging efforts, including UVP, social, and email marketing.
  • Optimize website content with data-driven design and sales narratives built to drive engagement.

TEDx speaker and author Joe Martin’s proven process converts more visitors into customers.

Joe works with Fortune 100 companies, and his powerful ideas have been featured on FOX News, WCIU, and WGN.

Joe guides your client through a series of highly strategic questions to identify a single target customer. Using an iterative technique that employs psychology, UX/UI, sales, marketing, design, and 20 years experience with proven business growth strategies, Joe’s questions identify key emotional motivators in the buying process which dramatically improve messaging and conversions.

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Keep your clients from stalling with innovative opportunities for rapid growth.

Identify minor blockages that are preventing enormous business growth with our in-depth review of the buyer journey. Our process goes beyond surface-level data and automated reports, and delves into the emotional motivators that drive purchasing behavior.

You Meet With Us

Join a short video meeting to see if our approach can help your client.

We Meet With Your Client

We meet with key stakeholders to define a single target customer.

We Conduct Research

We review the client’s current sales & marketing materials.

You and Your Client Receive the Roadmap.

Together, we present the new strategy to your client in terms they can understand.

An investment in the future of your client’s business.

We coordinate all meetings, solicit materials directly from your client for research, and present the new plan to your client. Your client can work with us directly, or we can white label the engagement as a member of your team.

Customer Acquisition Plan

The Oahu Cycle

Mon, Mar 14th — Fri, Apr 22nd


  • Conversion-Focused Research
  • Target Customer Profile
  • Unique Value Proposition Creation
  • Sales/Marketing Alignment Plan

Everything included in our 6-week process

See below for useful client language for use within your proposals.

Conversion-Focused Research

Review of any current sales/marketing materials, previous research, Google Analytics, and five key competitors.

Target Customer Profile

Our unique, proven process where we identify a single customer to understand more about their problem, fears, motivators, and objections.

Marketing Alignment Plan

A list of improvements to the sales and/or marketing process and guidelines to better communicate value through emotional motivators.

Unique Value Proposition Creation

One sentence that clearly communicates what your client does and why the target customer wants to buy from them.

Customer Journey Map

A visual representation of the steps involved in the current marketing funnel with suggested revisions.

We have helped

A cannabis delivery service generate a $1.2M return

They’d run out of ways to increase revenue. They were running ads and posting on Instagram, but it wasn’t leading to more sales.

By aligning their site to a single customer, the optimization strategy we implemented increased the conversion rate by 12%, creating a $1.2M return.

A national rehabilitation facility uncover new keywords to target

They didn’t understand who their target customer was. They were stalled with their current strategy by continuing to compete for words like "rehab facility".

Defining their target customer led to a significant increase in the business development process by uncovering a new list of keywords and content to create.

Working with your client

We will interview your client to guide them towards defining their best customer. Here, the CEO of Montage Consulting talks about how our process changed the way he viewed his marketing efforts.

Industry Resources

A collection of resources to help you start working conversion optimization services into your conversations.

Using Trust & Personalization to Improve Your Website

It doesn’t matter how great your website looks. What matters is if it helps turns website visitors into paying customers. Known as converting, this approach is rooted in sales, psychology, and using data-driven decision making.

Define Your Target Customer

Our highly targeted customer definition tool. It will take you 30mins to work through this series of questions about your one ideal customer. At the end, you'll receive an email with a summary of your customer and suggestions for improving your sales & marketing based on your answers.

6 Ways to Identify Your Target Customer

Consider this: the average eCommerce website converts 2% of visitors into new customers. This means that out of every 100 people who visit their site, two of them are making a purchase.

Help your client move the needle forward in their business

We can work with you to create a compelling, value-based sales presentation that combines our services with that of your agency.

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