Including Community Effort of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Person of the Year — here is a list of some of the best things 2021 had to offer.

Ad of the Year

Geico |‘Scoop, There It Is’
I’m pretty sure the commercial department at Geico is a box that allows anyone to submit a video idea. And every Friday they get together and say,“let’s shoot it!” But bringing back Tagteam — I couldn’t help it. I’ve got a soft spot for Tagteam.

App of the Year

Knocking Dropbox Paper out of the top spot, Vixer is slick. An easy to use video editing app for the iPhone it allowed me to put together some really fun videos this year.

Movie of the Year

Palm Springs
While it was released in 2020, I didn’t actually see it until this year. Instantly loved it. Though, I am a little biased towards time travel movies. But time travel comedies — it’s like a whole new genre.

Book of the Year

Conversations with God
So yes, book, BUT — I did go through this book on Audible. However, one of the added benefits of this format were the voiceover changes, sometimes mid sentence. As the book suggests, it’s about a guy having a conversation with God, but in the Audible version “God” is portrayed as both a man and a woman. I thought it was a clever little take.

TV Series of the Year

The Haunting of Hill House
This is another one, a little older. Came out in 2018 — I didn’t see it for the first time until last year. As someone who doesn’t like scary movies, this was still so good. Watched it again this year, now it’s a Halloween staple.

What National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is to the holiday season, The Haunting of Hill House is to Halloween.

Greatest Disappointment of the Year

COVID continuing to wreak havoc
Considering the only data we really had on pandemics was from over 100 years ago, I think everybody felt we were so technologically advanced that it would be a little easier to get under control — and for all we know, it probably is.

Conference of the Year

CXL 10
It’s a conference about conversion rate optimization, and every time their marketing convinces me that I should go. I can’t tell if I enjoy CRO that much or if their conversion methods are so good that I THINK I love CRO. I may never know.

Community Effort of the Year

Real Men Wear Pink
Ashley Havertine and the team at ACS managed to navigate a fundraising effort through the ever-changing world of COVID safety precautions. Their shift to more digital communication and weekly emails helped keep the community involved and they ended up raising more money with fewer registrants.

An incredible effort that helped Chicago finish 1st against other Real Men Wear Pink campaigns happening across the US. Thank you to everybody who helped me with my fundraising efforts.

Party of the Year


Pink Party at the Avli Rooftop
Lou Cannelis’ restaurant in Lakeshore East has a beautiful rooftop that overlooks this secluded, hidden-gem of a park in Chicago. Combine that with the incredible decor of Kehoe Designs, and you have a gorgeous night, outside, filled with people passionate about fighting cancer.

Chicago Restaurant of the Year

Now one of Larry Chester’s favorite pizza places, I highly suggest the deep-dish with pepperoni. I think you’ll love the fluffy crust and burnt cheese edges that make their pizza my favorite in Chicago.

Chicago Artist of the Year


Dan Heo
A friend and Chicago-based artist, Dan received his Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You’ll love his use of symbology akin to historical paintings and illustrations of mythology and folklore.

Playlist of the Year

The Savannah Cycle
My team separates our work into 6, 6-week cycles each year. Each cycle I create a new playlist with songs that may be recommended by friends, heard in a store, played in a movie/tv show, or just came to memory. The Savannah Cycle, some major diversity.

Everything form Garbage to Snoop Dogg, Huey Lewis to MC Hammer, and Nirvana to Jason Aldean.

Concert of the Year


Ohanna Fest in Dana Point, CA
A combination of Pearl Jam, Beck, and Lord Huron, I was only able to attend one night of the event. But outside, Southern California, at the beach, I’d….yeah, I’d go back.

Song of the Year

Across The Room (feat. Leon Bridges) by Odesza
Sometimes you come across those songs that capture an entire place in time. This song became one of those timelines for me in 2021. I hope it helps you capture some amazing moments for yourself.

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