High-converting brand messaging.

6-week program requires only 10 hours of participation from your team.

Differentiate yourself from competitors.

Companies work with us to gain a competitive edge through messaging. An aligned brand messaging strategy will dramatically decrease CAC, increase LTV, and drive innovative new ideas.

$25k to create your new first sentence in 6-weeks.
Rush & on-site services also available.

You’ll Be Interviewed

You will be needed for a total of 10hrs throughout the 6-week engagement over video chat.

We’ll Present New Messaging

This includes your new first sentence and customer acquisition strategy.

You’ll Win New Customers

You’ll be able to clearly communicate your unique value to improve conversion rates.

Your new messaging completed in 6-weeks.

At the end, you will receive highly-actionable next steps to align your sales and marketing efforts behind your new messaging.

Week 1: Establish Your Baseline

An analysis of current sales and marketing efforts.

Week 2: Define Your Target Customer

Identify the behavioral patterns of your One Target Customer.

Week 3: Explore Behavioral Patterns

Discover how and why this customer will choose you.

Week 4: Research Competitors

Leverage strengths and weaknesses in your competitors’ messaging.

Week 5: Strategy Presentation

Step-by-step analysis of your customer acquisition roadmap.

Week 6: Clearly Defined Next Steps

Prioritization and scheduling roadmap items for completion.

  • Your new first sentence
  • Content topics
  • Website “hero”/top area
  • Target customer overview
  • Customer survey questions
  • Competitor research insights
  • Your new sales arguments
  • (5) direct or indirect competitors
  • Previous email campaigns
  • Customer survey data
  • Current proposal
  • Website traffic via Google Analytics

Unlike any exercise you've ever been through.

First Sentence Reveal — Software Development

The company's founder talks about how he has annoyed marketing companies for 20 years because the messaging never felt right.

First Sentence Reveal — Health Food Store

The President of the company talks about a process aimed at taking them to places they've never been.

First Sentence Reveal — Cosmetics Manufacturer

The company's VP of Sales shares how this new first sentence allows him to speak to his team's entire set of capabilities.