This application runs in the background and lets you setup keyboard shortcuts for commonly typed items. In essence, it expands your text.

For example, if I want to send someone the link to my TEDx talk, I just “;ted” and it automatically replaces “;ted” with https://youtu.be/zRtFOwofqsw.


This application also runs in the background and lets you browse the internet just…just a little more securely. What I appreciate most is the ease of setup, use, and the iPhone application companion.


This on-demand application will launch through an assigned keyboard shortcut. Once it launches, it allows you to resize any window on your desktop using a small pop-up grid.

This is what allows me to quickly align two applications side-by-side on a connected monitor. Or, to move an application to my laptop from my connected monitor quickly.


Any kind of email aggregation program should work well, I just can’t spend my life inside of a Gmail browser tab all day.

Polymail allows me to pull all of my email accounts into one view. It’s only because of this that I’m able to achieve Inbox 0 most days.


I appreciate Brendan Saricks for first getting me started with a password capturing program almost 15 years ago. Whether he was just that insightful, the one he recommended at the time was 1password and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since.


This application runs in the background, but upon launch is the easiest way to check for malware, run routine maintenance, and easily clean up the Mac. Hence, their fantastic naming.

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