Elevate your clients' messaging in six weeks.

Designed for agencies, send us your client for six weeks while we conduct thorough interviews and craft their new, high-converting messaging. You'll receive detailed guidelines to help you optimize SEO, elevate social media presence, and enrich content to increase conversion rates.

Establish a competitive advantage for your clients with standout messaging.

Effective brand messaging extends beyond marketing—it influences organizational culture, aligns strategy, and fosters innovation. Experience reduced Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), enhanced Lifetime Value (LTV), and the drive for innovation that comes with precisely aligned brand messaging.

All engagements are $25,000 and conducted via video chat over a 6-week period. Rush services and on-site consultations are offered for an additional fee.

We Interview Your Client

Your client will meet with us for 90 minutes each week over the course of 6 weeks.

We Unveil New Messaging

Through a dynamic presentation akin to TEDx, your client enthusiastically embraces their revamped messaging.

You Get an Excited Client

With unanimous approval on the messaging direction, your team receives comprehensive guidelines for rolling out the new copy.

Easier Client Approvals

We've spent 15 years perfecting a process that smooths out the path on copywriting projects for agencies. By engaging your client's team from the start, we spark enthusiasm and alignment around the words that will be used to promote their value.

Thanks to this strategy, your team can swiftly secure client approvals, propelling projects forward with efficiency. Our method's effectiveness was underscored when we achieved unanimous agreement among 13 people on a single sentence. Watch the video to witness the groups' reaction to their new messaging.

New messaging process and deliverables.

At the end, you will receive highly-actionable next steps to align your sales and marketing efforts behind your new messaging.

Week 1: Establish Your Baseline
An analysis of current sales and marketing efforts.

Week 2: Define Your Target Customer
Identify the behavioral patterns of your One Target Customer.

Week 3: Explore Behavioral Patterns
Discover how and why this customer will choose you.

Week 4: Research Competitors
Leverage strengths and weaknesses in your competitors’ messaging.

Week 5: Strategy Presentation
Step-by-step analysis of your customer acquisition roadmap.

Week 6: Clearly Defined Next Steps
Prioritization and scheduling roadmap items for completion.

All Deliverables
  • Your new first sentence
  • Content topics
  • Website “hero”/top area
  • Target customer overview
  • Customer survey questions
  • Competitor research insights
  • Your new sales arguments
Research Conducted
  • (5) direct or indirect competitors
  • Previous email campaigns
  • Customer survey data
  • Current proposal
  • Website traffic via Google Analytics

Unlike any exercise your clients have ever been through.

Your clients will experience both relief and enthusiasm from working with a company that truly grasps their needs. They will match the excitement of those showcased in the videos below. This six-week journey will transform your client relationships and boost their position in the market.

First Sentence Reveal — Software Development

The company's founder talks about how he has annoyed marketing companies for 20 years because the messaging never felt right.

First Sentence Reveal — Health Food Store

The President of the company talks about a process aimed at taking them to places they've never been.

First Sentence Reveal — Cosmetics Manufacturer

The company's VP of Sales shares how this new first sentence allows him to speak to his team's entire set of capabilities.

Confidently use the new messaging.

Alongside the impactful first sentence, we'll equip you with comprehensive messaging guidelines tailored for your agency's clients. This ensures your team is able to articulate the client's unique value and engage in meaningful conversations about why choosing them is the right decision.

After our 6-week collaboration, your agency will be ready to seamlessly integrate the fresh messaging across your client's platforms, including:

  • Networking group introductions
  • LinkedIn headlines
  • Email signatures
  • Sales collateral
  • Social media copy
  • Presentations
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Strategy sessions
  • Rebrand initiatives
  • Short-form content
  • Email marketing
  • SEO/SEM initiatives
  • Articles
  • Podcast appearances
  • Extended web copy
  • White papers
  • Swag
  • Brand assets
  • Tagline creation
  • Long-form video content
  • Business card creation

Messaging shapes success.

The signs of weak messaging can be subtle and easily overlooked. Don't let hidden inefficiencies prevent you from presenting top-tier work and crafting compelling case studies that highlight your success. Act now — let's empower your clients with exceptional results and elevate your portfolio.