Ideas, tools, or resources I was introduced to during the Dubrovnik Cycle (Mon, Mar 16th — Fri, Apr 24th).

Naming Conventions

From the wonderful search capabilities of Sani Nielsen, this naming convention helped me get my CMS organized from the start.

Email Subject Line Generator

From the fine folks at Active Campaign, this tool gives you suggested titles to create enticing subject lines.

Coronavirus Implications for Marketing

Interesting article that talked about businesses needing to re-frame to meet the needs of comfort and safety.


Easy to use tool to find out what technology a specific website is using.

Talia Wolf always has fantastic insight. This look at conversions and emotion is among my favorite.

Podia’s Sales Pages


I just enjoy the way their platform is put together. I’m using Podia for my Food Tour Marketing Masterclass offerings currently. Looking to expand to offer more courses in the future.

Thank you to Taylor Gaines for posting up this resource, as well as the next two. For Lumen, their instant video feature converts blogs to videos.

Simple whiteboard videos and tutorials.

Choose videos that you can easily customize with your messaging.

I haven’t tried it yet, but my buddy Vince Carone recommended it.

They say, “Vidyard is the easiest way to create, host, and share
videos so you can keep connecting with customers and colleagues when everything else feels remote.” I’m going to give it a shot.

Metrics and data from the accounts of over 70,000 HubSpot customers globally.

Sarah Victory is in the business of knowing and connecting the right people. When she told me to look up this article, that it was full of great insight. She was right.

Joe Martin teaches people how to work for 6 weeks then take off for 2. He believes improving productivity can increase employee happiness and allow people more time with their family. His ideas on corporate culture and planning have been featured on Fox NewsWGN, and the TEDx stage.


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