The following is a list of copywriters I independently gathered through a copywriting group. As a copy strategist myself, finding the right people to help communicate your message is extremely important.

The names on this list are not a personal recommendation. While I also work with copywriters, I have not had the chance to personally connect with everyone on this list. Use your best discretion when setting up appointments to find the copywriter that best suits your project.

Delaney Erickson

I’ve worked and lived on 3 continents and enjoy learning in every aspect of my life. This intense curiosity makes me a better researcher, a better communicator, and a better storyteller.

Industry: Travel, Lifestyle, Adventure, Advertising
Types of content: Blog content, copy, travel magazine/articles
Chicago, IL

Romdale Marketing Agency

My passion is to help my clients achieve their business goals not to make money off them.

Industry: Non Profit Organizations and Tech Companies
Types of content: Sales Letters, Web Copies, Blog Posts
Wusasa, Nigeria

The Wellness Writer

I make complex concepts easy to understand for people who aren’t as interested in reading the research. I am the bridge between practitioner and client because translating the research into actionable steps is my favorite part.

Industry: Natural medicine, longevity, genetics, nutrition, and biohacking)
Types of content: Blog posts, Long articles based on studies and research, Case studies
near Pittsburgh, PA

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