The Entrepreneur’s Workshop is a Chicago-based meetup group that provides small group sessions to further develop skills in business & marketing. The purpose of these sessions is to help strengthen the entrepreneurial community in Chicago by providing a place to learn and interact.

April’s meetup was a joint effort between The Entrepreneur’s Workshop Meetup and the Windy City Problem Solvers LinkedIn Group.

Hosted at the WeWork National Building in Chicago, the event featured 7 different speakers, each presenting for 5 minutes on a topic of their choosing. Each presentation also included a short Q&A session with the speakers.

Full set of presenter slides available at:

Speaker 1: Joseph Martin

5 Tips for Improving Your Website
Joseph looked to shed light on building the right website for your visitors — not for you. He pushed some basic guidelines to follow such as defining the purpose of your website, creating a unique value proposition, and writing about “why” someone wants what you’re offering instead of “what”.


Speaker 2: Max Davis

Rethinking Business Models
Max pressed the idea of fighting against the corporate machine. He challenged those in the room to look at themselves as investors in products, instead of just consumers. In turn, to look at our own products/services to see how we can customers more invested in the success of the business.

Speaker 3: Alex Shibicky

It’s Not Rocket Science…It’s Fiscal Fitness
With a background in wealth management, Alex stressed the importance of saving & investing. Giving comparisons to the old real estate motto of, “Location, location, location” — he hopes attendees were able to leave with an understanding that they need to diversify, diversify, diversify.

Speaker 4: Alexandra Busenitz

Being a Lifelong Learner
As a current student at DePaul University, Alexandra pushed the idea of continued learning habits, post school. Citing the Kaizen approach, she encouraged everybody to create everyday habits that include learning.

Speaker 5: Matt Pittman

Going Guerrilla With Your Marketing
Matt was able to shed some hilarious insight on his direct, and slightly crude, approach to marketing his real estate services. He stressed the idea of understanding yourself and your customer. To know who you work best with and speak to them directly. This will help to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Speaker 6: Angela Vitzthum

Where to Focus on Your Product/Service
As a Product Manager for SpotHero, Angela was able to share strategies for processes to create successful products. She emphasized goal setting, listening to your customers, and making strategic decisions based off data.

Speaker 7: Maribel Quezada
Explain Your Financials to Shark Tank
The barrage of questions asked by Shark Tank investors are generally centered around one basic concept — your financials. Maribel served as a guide to the world of financial ratios by helping to breakdown things like profitability sustainability, operational efficiency, liquidity, and more.

It was really great to have a room full of people eager to learn and expand their network. Our next event is set for Tuesday, May 23rd.
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