Project 1

Tour & Event Websites

This pre-packaged website solution was originally released as a Sass product. Six months after launch, it was acquired by the largest food & wine ticketing vendor in Canada. The system used the Martin Creative framework to help increase ticket sales an average of 42% for 20+ companies within the first year.

TEW Website Platform


The framework has helped 180+ companies around the world know exactly what to write in each area of their site.


With an industry average conversion rate of 2%, the platform was showing conversion rates up to 4.8%.

Increased Sales

In March 2019, one company using the platform reported a 100% increase in sales after just 10 days.

One of Chicago's few data-driven consultancies

You want the data driven scientific side of things while maintaining a simplistic approach. We do both.

Project 2

McDonald Pelz

McDonald-Pelz's international presence required a thorough understanding of their target customer. An in-depth persona process helped to identify significant emotional factors that were not being addressed. The newly completed website helped lend credibility to the organization during the sales process, increasing their perceived value.

McDonald Pelz Website Redesign


Strategic page layouts helped establish a sales narrative by bringing purpose to every piece of content.


Saving thousands in development costs, we found McDonald Pelz did not need to invest in the construction of a CMS.

Overview Packet

The 35pg consumer overview packet required video chats with out-of-state senior leadership to define the customer journey.

Project 3

Connected Spaces

As a subsidiary of Silvergate Technology LLC, Connected Spaces helps to install home automation equipment. The launch of this new business unit required an analysis of the potential customer to identify fears, motivators, and objections that drive the buying process. A conversion-based copywriting approached helped establish the sales narrative as the backbone of website creation.

Connected Spaces Websitea

Overview Packet

A 3hr roadmap session laid the foundation to a 28pg packet that defined target customers and helped align business perceptions for investors and staff.


UX-focused layouts identified the value and interaction a customer should expect within each content area.


Lean website build accounted for the minimum amount of development needed to still increase conversions.

Project 4

Center Coast Realty

In the middle of a corporate rebrand, Martin Creative was asked to assist with strategy and consult on website development. Working directly with the CEO we helped communicate with their web development company to ensure the site's infrastructure was appropriate for CCR's specific needs. Through competitor research, customer analysis, and examining the customer journey, we were able to find new ways to increase user engagement on the site and strengthen marketing efforts.

Center Coast Realty Website


A combination of surveys, review mining, and competitor analysis assisted in expanding user personas to drive UX and content strategy.


UX-driven blueprints set a framework for CCR's preferred website design team.


A conversion-based copy approach established a purpose to every sentence, image, and functionality choice on the site.

Project 5

Procure Advisors

Helping companies with their IT procurement needs, Procure Advisor was searching for assistance with redesigning sales materials to match new branding. Simplifying content made information easier to consume, while establishing strong visuals helped increase trust during sales presentations. The realigned presentation and 1pg overview serve as visual aids to the current sales process.

Procure Advisors


The reorganization and removal of presentation slides helped create a persuasive sales message.


Design updates helped simplify the presentation of content and established a visual hierarchy.


Moving away from traditional stock photography, new image choices helped increase perceived value.

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