Unique value proposition about what we do and why work with us

Talk about who our solution works best for. Be specific in addressing exactly who we work best with to help the reader say, "that's me!" Introduce the problem they may be having currently, do not offer a solution to that problem yet.


Address their fear of overspending on the project

Reinforce their problem of generating new leads. Empathize and highlight the problem. They know their site can be better, but what does "better" mean?

Statement about the image itself.

Address the fear that this process will be a hassle

Empathize with their hatred for unnecessary meetings Talk about their motivator of hearing about CRO but not really understanding how to utilize it.

Show example, let the user to go back

Address objection that this will not help increase sales/revenue.
Address their fear that this won't help fix anything for them.
Address the fear that their boss won't approve of what we did.

Motivator: Talk about why they should contact today

Set expectations. Let them know what happens next.

Alignment of a Common Goal

Something unique to "Martin Creative" we like to include an area that talks about the heart behind the company. Provides some backstory about why we want to provide the customer with a great experience as much as they want to receive a great experience.

From a psychological standpoint, your pages needs to establish trust. And trust is comprised of 3 major components. Character, competence, and the alignment of a common goal. Character will be how the page looks, competence is in social proof and what you say — whether someone believes you can provide them with what they need. Then this area, this is the alignment of a common goal. An area I love topping off with the personal feeling of a signature as well.

Person Name, Title

Joe Martin, Martin Creative CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Objection: We're already working with a team

Statement addressing this objection. From a sales perspective, address this objection to provide an answer about how we work with other teams.

Happy: Customer loves when things go right

Further support this idea by talking about how our service will fulfill this idea of being happy by ensuring things go right with the project.

Motivator: Current website is old & outdated

Address this motivator in a way that encourages them to take an action in the easiest way possible. Don't overcomplicate the process for them.

Define the one thing that makes us unique

Elaborate further about our uniqueness and how that is going to help them achieve their goals. Address the customer's objection that they should one of the other big agencies in Chicago. Talk about how our unique angle separates us from them and why they're better off going with us.

Stress the urgency of getting started right now

Set expectations. Outline next steps and tell them what they need to do next.