One of the initiatives we launched as added value to the $199/mo subscription for (TEW) was an online community. With TEW being so incredibly niche, we’re able to bring all of our subscribers together in one place. They can share ideas, interact with our team, and communicate with each other.

After attending a workshop (thanks, Josh!) about How Basecamp uses Basecamp to build Basecamp” I gained some insight about leveraging Basecamp 3 as more of an intranet tool. Jason Fried showed how they use the tools within it to keep their team involved. Things like posting weekly photos of where everybody is working, asking what the team is working on, and more.

We’re taking this same concept and attempting to apply it on a slightly larger scale. Using Basecamp 3 to build personal relationships with the subscribers of our service. While the TEW monthly subscription does provide subscribers with a great looking site for their tour, the real difference is in our business support. Personally helping subscribers work through their unique value propositions, writing for objections, encouraging people to sign up on their mailing list, and more.

This week we’re looking to roll out automatic check-ins. An opportunity to provoke more interaction within our online community. The difficult part now…deciding what those automatic check-ins should ask.

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